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Bathroom Vanities Selecting Guides for Low and Medium Budgets

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It is so hard to find the right bathroom vanities for our bathroom since we must get bathroom vanity that’s made from great quality materials that are resistant to water and moisture. So many vanities are designed with wooden cabinets and wooden framed mirrors. They look awesome; unfortunately water and moisture in our bathroom is not good friend for wood. Big vanity and small vanity has advantages for us. The big one gives us more storage. The small one gives us more space.

Picking the Right Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets between Two Options

When you’re at the store and trying to find the right bathroom vanities, you need to find one that’s really fit to the budget you have prepared before. There are lots of vanities in assorted styles for different budgets. Unluckily, for people with lower budget, the style choices are more limited. If your budget is very low, there is bathroom vanity with stock cabinet that’s mass produced. Those vanities with stock cabinets won’t allow you to customize but allows you to save your time and money.

If you have higher budget for new bathroom vanity, get a vanity with semi custom cabinets. This type of bathroom vanities gives you many more options of style and size. The manufacturers of semi custom cabinets allow you to choose one among more options of glazes, styles, and stains. Which one between those bathroom vanities is the right one for you?

Gallery of Bathroom Vanities Selecting Guides for Low and Medium Budgets

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