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Corner Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas and Tips

antique corner kitchen cabinet

Dealing with corner kitchen cabinet is indeed rather challenging, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible to do. Well, we understand your rage since corner kitchen cabinet storage can waste the valuable space in your work area. But you can avoid your corner cabinets from turning into a nightmare. Keep reading for more information!

Pulling Off Your Corner Kitchen Cabinet

Try the idea of transforming your corner kitchen cabinet into a cabinet/drawer combo. This way, you can enjoy the easier access even to the back of the cabinet in a much simpler way. Consider custom corner cabinets that are made with pie-shaped drawers for a more effective corner storage unit in your kitchen. One thing to remember is that pie-shaped drawer will require you to come up with creative pull system or double pulls for cabinet.

Alternatively, install a Lazy Susan to rotate the cabinet shelves. Thus, you can bring items from the back of cabinets to the fronts for use easily. There are various materials, shapes, sizes, and finishes available for Lazy Susan to fit any corner cabinet unit. Even better, Lazy Susan for corner kitchen cabinet can be either pulled out of the cabinet to rotate for easy access or installed to rotate in your existing kitchen cabinet.

Gallery of Corner Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas and Tips

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