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Extendable Dining Table for Big Dining Room

drop leaf extendable dining table

Extendable dining table is almost compulsory furniture or item for large or big dining room. This kind of table will give big dining room owner many advantages. For example in the aspect of practicality; rather than use two dining table, only one dining table with extension is way much better. People will still able to accommodate many foods, drinks, and even decorations above the table while saving the space; by simply put the extension part to the table. When the stuffs are not too much, just remove the extension part and save it for the other times.

Extendable dining table is varied in type, model, color, and materials which used. Nowadays, plastic or aluminum table with extension is the most popular. The price is relatively cheap, the weight is light; so people can move or lift it easily, and of course it is flexible. However, this kind of extendable dining table is not suitable for formal event such grand family dinner or office colleague dinner. Wooden extendable dining table is common type of dining table too which is still favored by many. Wooden is light material just as plastic or aluminum so it is practical too. People whose flavor is classical or ethnical also definitely will prefer wood to metal or plastic. The disadvantage of the wood dining table is; it is vulnerable to termites.

Extendable dining table made from iron may the uncommon, but it is obviously exist. Yes, the dining table in the prisoner or jail absolutely using iron materials. Maybe the prison officer chooses iron because it is strong and heavy, so prisoners can’t lift or destroy them easily. Well, in fact few people also pick iron extendable dining table too. Maybe their consideration is; It doesn’t need to move the dining table to and fro so there’s no problem using heavy dining table made of iron. The others must be its durability.

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