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Kitchen Cabinet Handles Ideas and Tips

kitchen cabinet handles brass

Simply updating your kitchen cabinet hardware, such as kitchen cabinet handles, can give a significant impact to the room as a whole without requiring you sacrificing the functionality. Whether you want to update the existing cabinets or install a brand-new cabinet set, kitchen cabinet handles and pulls can always add a great deal of personality and style to the design.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Handles

The overall kitchen design is always a good starting point as you decide which kitchen cabinet handles style to install. For example, your contemporary kitchen will find the sleek and sharp lines detailing the cabinet handles as a great match. Consider tubular cabinet handles to complement the look and function of your contemporary kitchen space.

On the other hand, there are the more antique and classic options perfect for you who own a more traditional kitchen space. You can opt for either authentic antique cabinet handles or antique inspired ones, depending on how much you can spend. It goes without saying that the authentic antique handles will cost you more, doesn’t it? Alternatively, you may prefer the more personalized look. Consider hand-painted handles or unique kitchen cabinet handles made from unusual materials such as rope to add more personality in your kitchen space.

Gallery of Kitchen Cabinet Handles Ideas and Tips

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