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Kitchen Cabinet Hinges Types to Consider

kitchen cabinet door hinges concealed

Do you plan to replace the old kitchen cabinet hinges yourself? With many DIY tutorials on how to install kitchen cabinet hinges and handles, today, we will share about the important considerations when you work on your own project. In the end, remember that your kitchen cabinet hardware is essential for functionality, as well as aesthetics.

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Decide if you want to see the kitchen cabinet hinges, since they can be used to add stylish detail to the cabinet units. But if you find the visible hinges are most likely to detract your cabinets from your desired effect, you should choose the right cabinet hinge type. In general, there are 3 basic cabinet hinge options: Concealed hinge, semi-concealed hinge, and exposed hinge.

In concealed hinge, no part is visible from the outside of your cabinet as the door is closed. This cabinet hinge type is suitable for modern and minimalist setting. Semi-concealed cabinet hinge is partly visible from the outside of the kitchen cabinet when the door is closed. Details such as finial tip or decorative ball are common in this hinge option. Lastly, there are exposed kitchen cabinet hinges where they are fully visible from the outside of the unit as the cabinet doors are closed.

Gallery of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges Types to Consider

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