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Scandinavian Kitchen Design with Traditional and Modern Look At Once

contemporary scandinavian kitchen design

Scandinavian kitchen design looks so pretty, don’t you want to redecorate your kitchen with Scandinavian kitchen style? If so, you can start by mixing new and old elements together. How could we mix old element with new element? It is easy; just cover some of your kitchen walls with wallpaper that has antique motif. It will be the old element. And then use kitchen cabinets that are made from stainless steel, they look modern. Now, you get a special Scandinavian kitchen that looks both modern and traditional.

Most Unique Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas You Must Adopt

Another way to make your kitchen looks as unique and impressive as Scandinavian kitchen design is combining stainless steel kitchen cabinets with kitchen countertops made from marble. Your stainless steel kitchen cabinets look so modern and sleek. When those cabinets meet the marble countertops that look luxurious, your Scandinavian kitchen will look more adorable.

Since your silvery stainless steel and white marble countertop looks so cold and monotone, you need to make it looks a little bit warmer. Mount one or more dark brown colored wooden shelving on the wall. If the wall over your marble countertops is not the wall you covered with wallpaper, cover it with white ceramic tiles for more elegant Scandinavian kitchen design.

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