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Simple Koi Pool Landscaping Ideas

above ground pool landscaping design ideas

Pool landscaping ideas today that will be discussed in this article is Koi pool landscaping ideas. As you know, koi is most favorite fish to be put on the decorative pool in every house, especially in Asia. Besides its beauty, Koi believed as the fish who can brings luck to the house owner, that’s why many people more inclined to choose this fish than the other. Okay, back to topic, this article will give you simple and easy procedural steps about make a landscape of koi pool in your house. You can look the detail instructions in paragraph below. Check it out!

Pool landscaping ideas is different from swimming pool ideas. Actually it is way far simpler and easier, but some people just don’t know about the “trick”. In making the base or the foundation, you can just simply dig the ground into shape that you desire. After that, you can lay a base for the bottom and each side of the pool by ceramic, or cement. This article suggests you to use dark color, like black, deep green, brown, etc. Don’t forget to put exhaust pipe to clear away the waste from the pool. You can also install water supply pipe that connected with water pump to ensure your fish won’t be lack of clean water supply.

Pool landscaping ideas application now is coming closer to the last stage, and all you need to do is prepare for the finishing touch. For example, you can add decoration in the lip of the pool by putting stone or ceramic pieces into certain arrangement. Place a water fountain in the middle of the pool is great idea too. The decoration around the pool is important as well, for instance, lighting garden, plant, flower, etc. If you organize or arrange them well, your koi pool will look more beautiful.

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