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Tall Kitchen Cabinets for Your Storage Solution

9 foot tall kitchen cabinets

The tall kitchen cabinets, which are also known as utility or pantry cabinets, can provide an efficient storage room in your kitchen space. Even better, tall kitchen cabinets for storage can help improving the appearance of the room too, especially with its elongating design element to complement kitchen in any design style.

The dimensions of tall kitchen cabinets are absolutely different from other cabinet types you can incorporate to your kitchen. In general, tall kitchen cabinetry can range somewhere from 84 to 96 inch tall and 12 to 24 inch deep. The widths of the cabinets usually vary, depending on the available space. Even so, the cabinets with 12, 24, and 36 inches width cabinets are the commonly available options.

Using Tall Kitchen Cabinets

The tall kitchen cabinetry can be used for various purposes. Even so, many homeowners prefer to use this kitchen cabinet type as pantries due to its ability to store food and supplies efficiently, thanks to the floor to ceiling style. As aforementioned, the dimensions are varied and you can even have yours custom made if you prefer larger cabinet size to store and organize more items. And just like when you buy other kitchen cabinet types, consider the design of hardware when are about to bring tall kitchen cabinets home.

Gallery of Tall Kitchen Cabinets for Your Storage Solution

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